How To Choose A Random Object From Array

28/07/2010 In order to make your "random" number truely random, we will use the current time as the random seed and then use some basic algebra to reduce the number down to the range we need it in. In this case we will generate a random number between 0 and 3 that we will use as an index for your array. Here is an example: […]

How To Choose Bathroom Tile Floor

31/01/2018 · Tile Flooring Vinyl. Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring. Laminate Flooring. New Vinyl Plank Flooring. Vinyl Plank Flooring in Bathroom. Kitchen Flooring Product. Gray Vinyl Plank Flooring. Tile Vinyl Plank Flooring. Hickory Vinyl Plank Flooring. PVC Flooring That Looks Like Wood. Disadvantages of Vinyl Flooring. Hardwood Flooring. […]

How To Create A Million Dollar Company

10 Examples Of Million Dollar Affiliate Marketing Websites Welcome to todays webinar everyone! Im excited to have this opportunity to share with you 10 examples of successful affiliate marketing websites, from a range of different niches and markets. […]

How To Clear All Temporary Files In Windows 10

17/08/2015 Delete Windows 10 temporary files. Temporary files can be created when you turn off your system without closing your files. These temporary files can reduce the performance of the system. By […]

How To Die Of Natural Causes

Falls are the leading cause of death among people over the age of 65. A person is far more likely to die falling out of bed, a chair or other furniture at home than traveling on a […]

How To Call Divert Optus

Divert your calls to up four standard Australian phone numbers (fixed or mobile) and have them ring simulaneously or in sequence until the call is picked up. Unanswered calls can be sent to voicemail. […]

How To Force Windows To Synchronise Google Drive

How to force a Google Drive sync from windows 7 command . There is only one way to force a sync in Google Drive. You need to have a Conflicting File that Google can t sync … […]

How To Draw The Alphabet In Block Letters

7/04/2014 Holly, an elementary art teacher steps you through how to draw block letters. We'll go through the whole alphabet together for your reference. Ideas for adding color/decoration to your lettering […]

How To Change Globe In Arlec Fan Light

Buy Mercator Kimberley II 1200mm Ceiling Fan with Light - Brushed Chrome (FC132124BC) from Reliable, fashionable and economical, the Mercator Kimberley II 1200mm Ceiling Fan with Light is designed to provide great comfort and style to homes and offices. E27 max 20W CFL globe Plywood blades 3 speed wall controller with light switch […]

How To Permenently Delete Facebook Messenger

How to Delete Facebook Messages from Messenger on iPhone/iPad. Apr 15, 2016 09:00 am / Posted by irefone. Do you use Facebook Messenger app on your iOS device? If you had been living with Facebook Messenger for a while, you may build up a very long chat history within the Messenger on iPhone. Some of these chat history, like messages or conversations are a bit outdated and you want … […]

How To Clean Samsung 6 Microphone

6. Olympus ME-51S Stereo Microphone. Buy On Amazon . This is a great mic for any kind of recording if you are looking for better audio and video sound quality. Youll want to have something better than the built-in mic if you are doing any kind of recording, even just a casual podcast or recording Skype business meetings for work. The Olympus provides clear, high quality and works especially […]

How To Change Brake Lights On Holden Commodore

At the back end of your Holden Commodore, the brake lights indicate to traffic around you that you’re slowing down or stopping. They can and will burn out eventually and will need to be changed out for a new bulb at some point. […]

How To Become A Record Producer

To become a music producer, you must analyze the productions that excite you. There are many ways to analyze music productions, here are just a few of the aspects worth taking note of: 1. […]

How To Draw A Mic

Drawing Boundaries The MIC data base is built using primarily filled boundaries. A boundary is an area enclosed by a group of lines and arcs. The boundary must be "simple" i.e. you must be able to move from any point in the interior to any other point without crossing the boundary. […]

How To Create A Cover Page In Excel 2007

Navigate Excel with the Ribbon and Office Button. Find out how to create and edit charts, add hyperlinks toworksheets, and more. Here's an excellent way to get the scoop on the cool features ofExcel 2007, including the user-friendly interface, Live Preview,and easier collaboration options. […]

How To Clean Caliper Bracket

Front brakes (FN 3 calipers), servicing Note: After replacing brake pads, depress brake pedal firmly several times with vehicle stationary so that the brake pads are properly seated in their normal operating position. Use brake filler/bleeder unit VAS 5234 . Before removing brake caliper or disconnecting brake hose, brake pedal actuator V.A.G 1869/2 must be inserted (this dissipates pressure […]

How To Cut Balsa Wood By Hand

16/06/2013 · With that inwards listen it is easy to understand why balsa wood has been the criterion material for model airplane construction since it first became pronto Balsa Wood Glider Template wood Page. Explain that the template is a guide to cut the wings fuselage. […]

How To Drink Newcastle Brown Ale

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We’ll assume you’re okay with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. […]

How To Cut Dress Material

A panel of sequin fabric stitched to the hem of a dress not only shakes things up a bit, but makes for the perfect remedy when you accidentally cut a hem obscenely short! Dress, Sandro And finally, this sweet little sweater with sequin heart elbow patches. […]

Pre Purchase A Unit How To Cancel

A pre-purchase vehicle inspection is best if you're thinking of buying a car, while a comprehensive vehicle inspection is the best option is if your vehicle is about to come out of warranty. […]

How To Keep Your Turtle Tank Clean

Keep your turtle tank clean. You want to clean it once every two weeks to keep the smell to a minimum. Flies are attracted to the smell, so it is important to limit odors. […]

How To Eat Healthy Without Knowing

I know sometimes when I have had a bad day I want to plop on the couch and eat something comforting and if I do this without checking in as to the why then I could eat a whole bag of something but when I check myself for why I am reaching for it I can see that the real problem is the stress or whatever happened that day. This is not to say I then dont have a reasonable portion which I […]

How To Clean Fungus In Sink

Clean your bathroom regularly and consider adding a ventilation fan ducted to the outside to remove the humidity that causes mold. Did You Know: Mold can appear in many colors, including orange, pink, blue, white, green, black, or brown. […]

How To Change My Facebook Username More Than Once

12/03/2010 · OK will someone please explain to how to change my username then. I started an online business that didn't do so well. When I started it I changed my username and now it isn't even an option in my … […]

How To Become A Pope Candidate

LA MOTTE, Que. – A look at Cardinal Marc Ouellet, who could become the first Canadian pope and the first non-European in nearly 1,300 years to lead the Roman Catholic Church. […]

How To Cut Up Shapes In Illustrator

14/06/2016 other solution would be to use a different program like Affinity Designer. it is similar to illustrator except it will let you paint inside shapes using raster brushes like photoshop. edit. best solutions is to wort in photoshop as the person above me suggest, except don't convert to raster. copy and paste your illustrations as smart objects […]

How To Change Engine Oil On Xj750

Simply use a 17mm socket to remove the bolt and the oil will drain. If you are changing out the engine oil it requires 2.2L (2.3 US quarts) without an oil filter change, and 2.5L (2.6 US quarts) with an oil filter change. […]

How To Import Data And Clean Data

Watch video · After you bring data into Excel, you need to ensure you can use it for mail merges and other operations. To do so, you need to get rid of extra characters and … […]

How To Get A Missed Call From Nbn

Yeah - I finally got an acceptable date and had an Optus rep call me - only to change the booking without my approval to a day I was not going to be home. 3 hours of phone calls later and I was able to get a date that was 1 day later than the accepted booking (as it was no longer available) and I thought that would be fine. […]

How To Delete Windows 10 Update Cache

4/07/2016 · However, despite various searches, i can't find how to delete the driver cache on WIndows 10. Any time I try and install a driver, it says it found the driver but then can't find the files specified. Deleting the Cache has been a resolution for many WIndows 7 users. […]

How To Delete A Google Review On Iphone

How to delete google review in google my business API - 1243428 AdWords is now Google Ads. Our new name reflects the full range of advertising options we […]

How To Clean A Piano

Some people look at fingerprints on a piano with a high gloss finish and think they will never be able to keep it clean. Interestingly, in many ways a high gloss finish is easier to care for than a satin finish. […]

How To Change The Android Messenger Ap Tone

- Change the setting of voice prompt language on the headset to other languages - Guide for headset button functions * Please allow Tone & Talk “Notification access” in Android settings so you can use Voice notification. […]

How To Add Rstriction In Python

If performing a by-hand build of Python, the file ‘config.c’ contains information about the modules contained in the “Setup” script. If needed, you can copy config.c and modify it as needed to add … […]

How To Clean Metal Blinds With Ammonia

How to Clean Blinds and Shades For wood blinds, regular dusting will maintain a like-new appearance. When deeper cleaning is needed, vacuum gently with the soft brush attachment. […]

How To Create Multiple Instance In Sql Server 2016

Watch video · Learn the essentials of Microsoft's latest release, SQL Server 2016. Use tools like SQL Management Studio and the Configuration Monitor to deploy and manage databases both on premises and in the cloud. Learn how to create new databases, build tables, define relationships, write queries, and use stored procedures and built-in functions. Instructor Martin Guidry—a SQL Server … […]

How To Become A Naturopath Perth

Michael Blanch is one of the most experienced and well respected Perth naturopaths. As a lecturer he has helped train most of the current generation of naturopaths in Perth WA. As a lecturer he has helped train most of the current generation of naturopaths in Perth WA. […]

How To Buy A Kindle Fire Kids In Australia

Amazon Kindle (2016) deals. The new 2016 Kindle (also known as the 'All-New Kindle' and ‘Kindle Touch 2016’ in Australia) is the updated version of the entry level Kindle last released in 2014. […]

How To Create Global Catalog Dns Entries

With DNS Requests (NSLOOKUP) In an Active Directory environment, all Global Catalogs are anchored in DNS . There is a separate subdomain 'GC._msdcs....' in the namespace of the AD root domain (please remember: the global catalog does not refer to individual domains, but to the entire forest). […]

How To Cancel Bank Sa Credit.card

Credit One Bank focuses on customers that may have a less than perfect credit history. They offer several different credit card account types from cash back rewards to the official NASCAR credit card. Along with choosing your card design, you may also have access to fraud protection, your credit score online, and payment reporting to the credit bureaus. Credit One Bank makes it very easy for […]

How To Build A Brick Chimney Cap

Moore Masonry enhances interiors and exteriors with stone and brick materials that never go out of style. With over 30 years of demonstrated success in a range of masonry projects, big and small, 0ur experienced craftspeople build a natural stone look with a modern elegance that is … […]

How To Change Your Name In E-mail Outlook

18/04/2018 You can easily change your e-mail account information, such as your e-mail address and display name. Use these steps to access your e-mail account properties: Start Outlook Express. On the Tools menu, click Accounts. On the Mail tab, click your existing e-mail account, and then click Properties. You can now change the existing account properties to reflect your new account […]

How To Add Object To All Master Slides Powerpoint

The Designs collection will always consist of one Design object having a slide master. Note: PowerPoint 2007 introduces the new CustomLayouts object which changes the implementation of masters in PowerPoint 2007 - Understanding Custom Layouts . […]

How To Cut A String In Java

Actually i have keep on scrollview inside that scroll view i set one textview at run time i want to set text in that textview.The string which i m going to set is some what big in length so i could not get the string in a single line and i can get my string two or three lines .My scroll view layout width size is 250px.I don't want to exceed that size...My expectation is i want to see that […]

How To Clean A Bed Mattress From Urine

Introduction Clean Bed Mattress Urine. GhostBed Is a lineup which makes use of memory foams and latex within its own structure. By bringing together these two substances GhostBed attempts to present a fantastic mixture of pressure relief and rebound, giving the user the best of both worlds. […]

How To Become A Science Teacher In Canada

16/07/2008 You'll need a degree in science to start with, then after that you'll need to do a 1 year teacher training course - a post grad certificate in education. Get in touch with your local college or university for full details or you could even get advice from the careers office in your area. […]

How To Delete All Your Pictures On Iphone

23/08/2013 After all of your images are either saved on your desktop or laptop, or stored in the cloud you can safely delete them from your iPhone. How to manually delete specific photos from your iPhone If you dont have many photos on your iPhone, or if you want select specific photos to delete, you can do so manually in the Photos app. […]

How To Add Folder To Library On Youtube

6/03/2017 · System is clean install of Windows 10 Pro. OneDrive seems to insist on adding folders in OneDrive to the Libraries. I remove the folder from the Library, and on the next reboot, the folder is back in the Library. […]

How To Add New Row In Word Mac

19/09/2013 The keyboard shortcut for Add Row(s) is option-arrow, where 'arrow' is one of the four arrow keys. To add one row above the current row: Select any cell in the current row. […]

How To Connect Lenovo Laptop 530 To Samsung Tv

[MUSIC] As entry level gaming laptops go Lenovo's Legion Y530 is actually pretty sweet. Starting at just less than $800 the Y 530 is built around NVIDIA's GTX 1050 or 1050 ti graphics which is […]

How To Cancel Canteen Donation

You will be unable to cancel directly if our canteen manager has begun to process orders. In this case, please contact the office on 9451 5440 and they will contact the canteen on your behalf. If you are unable to contact the office for any reason, please send a message to 0450 014 355 with your child's full name and class and with the instructions please cancel'. This will ensure that your […]

How To Change Dns On Android Phone

How you can change DNS settings for Android, if you do not know, please we can say that: DNS system just like your phone book, you can use your phone book to save your friends phone numbers with their names. So that DNS provide us with information about domain names. How does DNS work? Although most of us do not know the important of DNS, DNS system makes us browse internet […]

How To Cook Arborio Rice For Soup

Cook, stirring occasionally, until the vegetables start to soften, about 5 minutes longer. Add the broth, beans, rice, potatoes, tomato paste, bay leaf, thyme, and salt to the pot. Bring to a boil. […]

How To Build A Lawn Mower Pulling Tractor

25/08/2008 We just need to realize with the popularity of lawn mower racing, this sort of thing was bound to happen. [via Toolmonger ] Posted in Transportation Hacks Tagged lawnmower , lawntractor […]

How To Download Rar Files

When large files are compressed into RAR files, they are often split into multiple files to save space. To distinguish between the multiple files, the RAR files are given a number. It is not uncommon when opening a file or document compressed with RAR to have filename0.rar, filename1.rar, filename2.rar, and so on. Merge the files by extracting with WinRAR. […]

How To Make Codeine Drink

Also known as Purple drank or lean, cough medicine mixed with drinks such as Sprite and jolly ranchers creates a mild sense of euphoria. It is also a downer so many people will take it along side other drugs including alcohol (also a downer) or speed. […]

How To Delete Apps On Iphone 7 11.2.6

Option 3: Delete Apps Missing From iPhone with iTunes iTunes is not merely a media player, it provides iOS users with system management of music, movies, apps and more on their iPhone… […]

How To Download Purchased Google Play Music

25/06/2012 The album is in my on-line Google Music library (along with my other Google Play music purchases). Everything else has shown up in the Play Music app, and the email receipt says this should, too. Everything else has shown up in the Play Music […]

How To Instal Thermal Break 7

My question to everyone is - what are your ideas on how to go about installing this new insulated joint in the concrete slab to provide a thermal break? Presumably the slab will need to be cut through its entire thickness in order for the thermal break to be effective. I have concerns about cutting through the rebar if it is a concrete slab on grade and I have even bigger concerns about […]

How To Download Google Hangouts For Mac

Google Duo allows you to make the seamless communication with your friends and family members. Google Duo for Mac is included in various smartphones as a default application, So you can get a higher chance of communicating with your friends. […]

How To Become A Guess Child Model

23/03/2010 · I am not sure but i guess around 5 foot 7 and up. because i am 5'8 and people tell me to do modeling. So i guess around 5foot 7 and up. Sorry i know there is no reason for my lifestory but i am just giving you the proof. […]

How To Clean Coles Work Sheet

Transcript for Coles Express Car Wash Promotion - Car drives away from the car wash sparkling clean. 5. Promotional Offer: Wash Express 2 for $14.90 Save $4.90. - Multi purchase tickets are valid for 60 days - Single Wash Express for $9.90 - Scratch free wash guaranteed. 6. Animation to show how "Wash Express" works. - Car with mud shown - Standard Wash, Wheel wash and Standard Dry […]

How To Eat A Peach Book

How to eat a peach (hardcover). When Diana Henry was sixteen she started a menu notebook (an exercise book carefully covered in wrapping paper) in which she wrote up the meals she wanted to cook. She kept this book for years. Putting a menu together is still her favourite part of cooking. Menus aren't just groups of dishes that have to work on […]

How To Break In A Clutch Fast

In high pressure situations, our natural reaction is to freak out and work as fast as we can. However, that’s just a recipe for choking big time. Studies show that when dealing with problems that require working memory, slowing down and taking your time leads to clutch performances. Slowing down and taking a step back from a problem will help prevent your working memory from being taxed by […]

How To Cook Roast Chestnuts

Learn how to roast chestnuts in the oven and the 4 major things you need to know for success. Plus recipes to use your roasted chestnuts. Plus recipes to use your roasted chestnuts. During Christmastime we all have traditions. […]

How To Call Someone A Stupid Cunt In French

Reflecting different national usages, cunt is described as "an unpleasant or stupid person" in the Compact Oxford English Dictionary, whereas Merriam-Webster has a usage of the term as "usually disparaging and obscene: woman", noting that it is used in the U.S. as "an offensive way to refer to a woman"; the Macquarie Dictionary of Australian English states that it is "a despicable man […]

How To Delete Group Chats On Messemger

Start a chat with a Facebook group by selecting the gear icon on the menu of the group page and clicking "Send Message." Chat with a group of people from your Friends list by starting a chat with one friend and selecting "Add Friends to Chat" from the chat window menu. No matter which type of group chat you are enjoying, you can leave the conversation and close the chat window when you are done. […]

How To Eat Macros For Weight Loss

Whether your goal is to build muscle, lose or maintain weight, taking a look at your macro mix can be incredibly eye-opening. Counting your macros goes beyond just counting calories in order to really see if youre eating in a way that provides balanced nutrition. […]

How To Buy Class 3 Weapons

To help you understand the process in more depth here is a helpful overview of the types of weapons that need a NFA Tax Stamp, and what you need to do in order to pay the tax and register your weapon. […]

How To Break Laws Grab

The Ways You're Breaking the Law (and How You Can Protect Yourself) Tolerated Action: Mix "Tapes" Advertisement. The idea of the mix tape has been around for many years. It came with the invention […]

How To Cook Whole Green Prawns

Saying this is the best garlic butterfly prawn recipe ever is a pretty big call. If you are like me and head to a café or restaurant that claims to have the best coffee since coffee’s creation, best omelette since a French chef picked up a whisk or the best … […]

How To Clean Microwave Vent

Pull back or loosen the clips that hold the grease filter in place in the hood or in the ductwork. Slide the grease filter out. To clean the grease filter […]

How To Cancel A Doterra Lrp Order

Enrol with a 100 PV Order, set up a 100 PV LRP order the following month, both the enrollee and enroller will receive 50 Points each! Please note: PV stands for product value. It is not equal to the cost of an order. […]

How To Cancel Spotify Premium On Ipad

If youre a premium subscriber, its possible to cancel your membership without closing your account entirely. Have you deleted your Spotify account? Which music streaming service do you use instead? […]

How To Change The Suction Cup On A Tom Tom

My old Tomtom One V1 suction cup piece holder was broken. After carefully cutter extraction of the axe piece, I inserted the new printed element in ABS. Be careful when you insert the metallic axle in the ABS piece : heat it before on a flame to not explode the ABS piece ;-) […]

How To Delete Goodreads Account On Phone

Step One: For a seamless transition, create a Goodreads account under your Author name (or) change your account name to your author name. [To change your Author Name open up the edit profile page and adjust the name variables.] […]

How To Buy The Right Sunglasses Online

Earlier in the week we asked you to nominate your favorite online stores to buy glasses. You replied with tons of contenders, from simple frame manufacturers to high-end sports glasses companies. […]

How To Create A Article Folder In Endnote

The EndNote X "Get started with EndNote X" pop-up window will appear on your screen. To create a new library, click on the CREATE A NEW ENDNOTE LIBRARY BUTTON. Then click the OK button. […]

How To Eat String Cheese

Eating mozzarella offers other health benefits in addition to the vitamins and minerals it provides. Mozzarella is a good source of protein, which is important for muscle maintenance and energy. Consuming mozzarella may protect against gout, a painful condition that results in the buildup of uric acid crystals in the joints. The calcium found in mozzarella may also contribute to weight loss […]

How To Do Criss Cross Dance

Back to Hip Hop Dance Tutorials Page [Transcript] Hey, what’s up guys? This is Sean. Welcome to And we are going to learn the criss cross dance step. […]

How To Catch A Wild Cat

An estimated 60 million feral cats—cats who have never had contact with humans and who are the offspring of abandoned, unaltered tame cats—are roaming the parks, parking lots, back yards, and back streets of America. 1 Although ferals are fearful of humans, they are still members of a […]

How To Download Music From Computer To Iphone 5s

How to Download Music From a CD to Your iPhone by Laurel Storm ; Launch iTunes and insert the CD into your computer's CD or DVD drive. By default, iTunes prompts you to confirm importing the music from the CD -- just click "Yes." If the prompt doesn't appear, click the CD icon and then click "Import CD." Wait for the importing process to complete. While importing, iTunes displays a […]

How To Connect Ps3 To Laptop Screen

So if u need hd display connect pc directly to ps3 through hdmi but if want to transfer big files, play mkv and other unsupported formats or just want to connect pc to big tv wirelessly than yeah ps3 is the way u can connect your pc wirelessly and have hd display via ps3 on hd tv. […]

How To Change Email Steam

11/12/2014 How to contact Steam Support? Discussion in 'SteamRep Guides' started by Thomas Matthias, Jul 2, 2013. - Username which should NOT be the same as your SteamID or Steam name - Email address which will be used to contact you - Password which should NOT be the same as your Steam password, email password etc. We recommend to use random alphanumeric & symbol […]

How To Change Password Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank announces interest rate change Commonwealth Bank of Australia has announced it will increase its variable home loan rates, following a sustained increase in funding costs. All variable home loan rates will increase by 15 basis points from 4 October 2018. […]

How To Cut A Double Barrel Cake

For this cake, a cake leveler was used, and the cakes were cut into 1" layers. Adhere the first layer of cake to a 10" cake card with ganache. Next fill each layer with a light fluffy chocolate ganache filling and continue until all cake layers have been used. […]

How To Draw Tribal Print

The tribal art style is a popular feature of clothing, items such as school supplies, and body art. With this simple video tutorial, you will learn to draw a rose in this unique style. With this simple video tutorial, you will learn to draw a rose in this unique style. […]

Kudos Mirror How To Connect

The Arcisan Kudos 1200mm Recess Frame Mirror offers a simple, sophisticated finish to modern bathrooms, with a sleek white frame and LED... PICK-UP ONLY The Arcisan Kudos 1200mm Recess Frame Mirror offers a simple, sophisticated finish to modern bathrooms, with a sleek white frame and LED lighting to brighten your space. […]

How To Delete Facebook Friend Fast

In fact, I wrote this blog entry about how to delete Facebook lists before I wrote the one about how to create them, in the interest of not making my Facebook experience too complicated. Fortunately, its pretty fast and easy to axe a Facebook list. […]

How To Change Your Mail On Iphone 5

iPhone: Change your email signature Posted June 30, 2007 by Quinn McHenry in Apple iPhone The email application on the iPhone has a default signature for all outgoing messages of Sent from my iPhone which is convenient on your first day of iPhone ownership since this is likely the email youll send to people first. […]

How To Buy A Mandolin

The mandolin which evolved from the lute family in Italy is a stringed instrument that can be plucked and strummed. It belongs to the soprano member of the mandolin family, which includes the mandola, octave mandolin, mandocello, and mandobass. […]

How To Draw Normal Distribution

These commands work just like the commands for the normal distribution. The binomial distribution requires two extra parameters, the number of trials and the probability of success for a single trial. The commands follow the same kind of naming convention, and the names of the commands are dbinom, pbinom, qbinom, and rbinom. […]

Microsoft How To Change Email

WARNING: Changing your Microsoft Exchange password will mean that Microsoft Outlook and other software such as your Windows Mobile or iPhone will no longer be able to connect to exchange to retrieve your email and appointments. […]

How To Change The Half Life 2 Main Menu

This version of Cinematic Mod is for the new SteamPipe content system! You need Half-Life 2, Episode 1 and 2 converted to this new format (VPK files instead of GCF files). […]

How To Become A Venture Capitalist Pdf

But any kind of structured sales, the worst thing you can do to become an entrepreneur or to become a venture capitalist is to go into investment banking, because if … […]

How To Build Your Trapezius Muscle

The trapezius (aka the traps) is a broad kite shaped muscle that runs from the base of your skull and the tips of the vertebrae out to the collar bone and shoulder blade. […]

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